Drone Photo & Video

View from the sky changes everything...

Filming from a drone is our job and… our greatest passion! A good aerial shot allows you to capture the world in the frame from a completely different perspective and often reveals previously unseen assets of what you want to show. The service includes the rental of a drone, photo equipment, UAVO pilot and camera operator. We take videos and photos with a drone using an unmanned aerial vehicle that guarantees the highest 4K quality and image stability.


We price each project individually, but we will be happy to show you that professional photography from a drone and filming from a bird’s eye view do not have to be expensive at all! Write or call us, we will prepare a free quote for you.

In our flying fleet we have a variety of drones for filming and inspection, as well as our own drone designs for special tasks. Remember that the following offer is for reference only, and we treat each client’s project individually to work out the smallest detail of the production.

The price list also depends on things like:

☑️ the duration of filming or photography from the drone,
☑️ the number of drones used,
☑️ type of location,
☑️ photo or video editing,
☑️ additional effects (music, subtitles, voiceover),
☑️ travel to the location of the photo/film shoot.


Where you want. In the open air, indoors, halls. We are limited only by bad weather, airspace controlled by airports, the military and areas where flying is prohibited – special permission and flight conditions of the land manager are issued. In any other case, we need a maximum of a few days to get permission to fly, and mostly we can fly the same day.


Drone filming is a service that is increasingly popular in many industries: wedding, construction, agriculture, logistics, rescue, marketing or event. Professional drone video made with high-quality equipment can be used as an important piece of documentation or a keepsake for future generations, among other things.

✅ Houses and other properties,
✅ Architecture and urban planning,
✅ Events, picnics, concerts, weddings
✅ Civil engineering, construction and development
✅ Investment documentation,
✅ Rescue, search and crowd monitoring,
✅ Logistics,
✅ Agriculture and damage documentation,
✅ Forestry, forest monitoring,
✅ Photogrammetry.

Standard Package includes:

▶️ drone rental, photographic equipment, UAVO pilot and camera operator,
▶️ aerial photographs taken in high resolution 4K in JPG + RAW format
▶️ aerial video shoots in high resolution 4K
▶️ full copyright (you can use the video for both personal and professional use),
▶️ photos from the drone recorded on CD

Gaschem Beluga
  • Houses and other properties

  • Architecture and urban planning

  • Events, picnics, concerts, weddings

  • Civil engineering, construction and development

  • Agriculture and damage documentation

    Tibi, Alicante
  • Logistics

  • Forestry, forest monitoring

    Tibi, Alicante

For us, the priority is always safety – and therefore we will not undertake an assignment that could violate aviation law and endanger someone’s health or property.
For flights in controlled areas, we need the appropriate permits. Therefore, we need to submit applications for permission to fly at least 5 days before the planned flights.
There are also many amateurs on the market who do not have the authorization to perform any flights and are unable to obtain permission to fly in controlled areas.

If someone offers to fly you overnight they are certainly doing so in violation of regulations and risking the consequences of heavy fines and imprisonment for up to 5 years.

We work with professional and quality equipment, which, combined with proper editing, guarantees amazing final results. We offer our services to large and small businesses, institutions and individuals, in the Alicante area