Virtual Tour in the real estate industry

The benefits of using Virtual Tour in the real estate industry

Virtual Tour has begun to make its way into the real estate industry in recent years. Today, an increasing number of real estate agencies are using the technology to provide a more realistic, engaging and dynamic real estate search experience aimed at their potential clients, as it offers a number of benefits for both sellers and buyers. This is particularly useful for real estate agencies as it allows them to grow.

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What is a virtual visit and what are its advantages for real estate agents?

Nowadays, the vast majority of sales are made online. It is therefore in the interest of every company to have a website. This will help increase its visibility. It is not enough to have a website to attract customers. A website must also be both complete and efficient to keep visitors fully satisfied.

For a real estate agency, a virtual visit seems to be the element that sets it apart from the competition. Indeed, your site must have good references and have an excellent content with very good quality images. But your potential client will always ask more – to see a property before buying or renting it.

Potential buyers or renters will be able to visit your property virtually. From a computer or smartphone, without having to move anywhere. The virtual visit is intended to be a complete visit. The interested user will be able to see both the interior and exterior of the house.

Through a virtual real estate tour, anyone can visit your home if they are thinking of renting or buying. They don’t have to go anywhere to visit your property. And the visit will be possible anytime and from anywhere.

Virtual Tour Real Estates

In general, virtual tours offer customers the opportunity to tour a property in peace which translates directly into much more decisive purchase decisions. In fact, statistics show that eight out of ten customers are much more likely to use an agency that offers a virtual visit.

On the other hand, the digitization of real estate has become essential in order to increase its attractiveness, get a good return on investment (ROI) and create a better customer experience. By offering the customer the opportunity to tour the area and the property itself without leaving home, you can show the customer everything what he needs to know, and he will experience it as if he were there. In this way, a potential customer is much more likely to make a decision to buy a property from a particular agency.

The use of Virtual Tour in the real estate industry offers many benefits for both the owner and the potential customer.

1. Enhancing the customer experience

One of the main advantages of this technology in real estate is that it offers potential customers a real and immersive experience. With virtual reality, your customer can explore a property in depth before making a decision. In addition, several multimedia effects can be added during the VR visit. These can include ambient music, narration, lighting and sound effects.

These various effects add realism to the customer’s experience while enhancing their confidence in the owner. In addition, virtual tours can be conducted at any time of the day and through any digital medium, such as a computer, tablet or smartphone.

2. Saving time and money

As a real estate agency, it is therefore in your best interest to offer virtual tours, since a physical tour already takes much longer. A virtual tour will save you a lot of time. The technology is also suitable for anyone who is simply curious, not really looking to buy or rent the property being visited. It also allows you to make a preliminary selection while waiting for the real visit to the property.

At the same time, it also saves time and money for the client and real estate agents. With this technology, it is possible to do without costly visits and face-to-face meetings. In this way, owners can rent or sell their property faster and reach more potential customers. On the other hand, they also avoid commuting costs if the property is located in another city.

Finally, thanks to virtual tours, the property is always in the best possible condition. The owner no longer has to clean up after each visit.

3. Personalized Virtual visit

Unlike face-to-face visits, virtual visits can be personalized to customers’ tastes, and with little effort.

Virtual reality allows you to pinpoint lighting features, interior design or zoom in on specific parts of the house. It is possible to customize the virtual tour with pop-ups showing statistics and information about the size of the property.

4. Increase in agency reputation

Real estate agencies that use high-quality virtual reality content generate more leads and improve customer engagement on social media networks.

Since virtual reality is an emerging technology, its use in real estate allows a property owner to stand out from the competition. Optimally selected virtual reality content can also go viral on social media platforms. This is also a plus for the property owner’s reputation, image and business, which are thus enhanced and better positioned in search engines.

5. Higher position index in Google

According to statistics, a website that includes virtual tours is visited on average six times more often than a website that does not offer them. For example, up to 60% more clicks are recorded when content containing a virtual tour is offered. Finally, with a virtual tour, you can improve the performance of your newsletters, and your services gain added value.

What is the importance of a virtual tour in a communications strategy?

When it comes to communication strategy, a virtual tour allows you to catch the attention of potential customers faster. Because it is a dynamic visualization, with perfectly executed sound effects, colors and images, viewers are therefore more motivated than ever to learn more about the company, how it works and what it does.

They also find it easier to project themselves into the situation and realize more quickly the relevance of offers to their needs. What’s more, when they are confronted with this concept, which is so close to reality, emotions are immediately aroused and a sense of belonging to the company is automatically created. And once they start to become attached, then the sale goes much more easily.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of having a Virtual Tour on offer then be sure to follow our guide to this service, as well as others that Alicante.360° offers.