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Interactive spherical video

Interactive spherical videos 360°

Bored with static spherical photos? Add some life to them and throw the viewer into the action with 360° videos….

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VR video production is the trend of recent times, and VR 360-degree photos and videos provide a huge dose of powerful impressions to viewers, who, thanks to such materials, can observe the presented panorama in the widest possible angle. The production of 360-degree videos is increasingly used in the rapidly growing Internet marketing, and our team will prepare and deliver you promotional material of the highest quality, thanks to the use of the latest technology and high-end equipment. If you are interested, we will also help you prepare a 360-degree live broadcast, which is an increasingly popular method of live Internet broadcasting.

What are 360° videos?

Spherical films are created using a multi-lens camera that allows you to create a full sphere video recording.

Thanks to the ability to rotate the viewed image in any direction, you can finally feel full freedom – for the first time you decide yourself what and when you want to see.

And all this without stopping the video for a moment….

How does it work?

A small-sized multi-lens camera head, it captures real-time full-sphere (360×160°) video. As a result, you get footage in which the action all around takes place as in any movie, but the viewer, using a mouse or touchpad, can freely select shots by looking sideways, backwards, upwards and downwards. And all this without interrupting the action for a moment….

The spherical camera easily adapts to ideas and their degree of creativity. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and allows itself to be hooked up to various types of vehicles, devices and elements of the environment: from a tripod and backpack, to a ski, bicycle, car, airplane, to a ceiling, column and many others. It enjoys challenges and experiments, and while recording everything around it, it will not miss a single detail.