Drone Photo & Video

View from the sky changes everything...

Filming from a drone is not only our job but our greatest passion! Aerial shots offer a unique perspective, often revealing unseen aspects of your subject. Our service includes drone rental, photographic equipment, a certified UAVO pilot, and a camera operator. We capture videos and photos using unmanned aerial vehicles, ensuring top-notch 4K quality and image stability.


We tailor our pricing to each project. Professional drone photography and bird’s eye view filming can be surprisingly affordable! Contact us for a free quote.

Our fleet includes various drones for filming and inspection, along with custom-designed drones for special tasks. Remember, the following is just a reference; we approach each project individually to fine-tune every production detail.

Pricing factors include:

☑️ Duration of filming or photography
☑️ Number of drones used
☑️ Location type
☑️ Photo or video editing
☑️ Additional effects (music, subtitles, voiceover)
☑️ Travel to the shoot location


Anywhere you need us. Outdoors, indoors, in halls. Our only limitations are bad weather, airspace controlled by airports, military, and no-fly zones – where special permissions are required. Otherwise, we’re typically ready to fly the same day or within a few days for permission.


Drone filming is increasingly popular across various industries: weddings, construction, agriculture, logistics, rescue, marketing, and events. Professional drone videos, made with high-quality equipment, serve as vital documentation or cherished keepsakes.

✅ Real estate
✅ Architecture and urban planning
✅ Events, picnics, concerts, weddings
✅ Civil engineering, construction, and development
✅ Investment documentation
✅ Rescue, search, and crowd monitoring
✅ Logistics
✅ Agriculture and damage documentation
✅ Forestry and forest monitoring
✅ Photogrammetry

Standard Package includes:

▶️ Drone rental, photographic equipment, UAVO pilot, and camera operator
▶️ High-resolution 4K aerial photographs in JPG + RAW format
▶️ High-resolution 4K aerial video shoots
▶️ Full copyright (use the video for personal and professional purposes)
▶️ Photos recorded on CD”

Gaschem Beluga
  • Houses and other properties

  • Architecture and urban planning

  • Events, picnics, concerts, weddings

  • Civil engineering, construction and development

  • Agriculture and damage documentation

    Tibi, Alicante
  • Logistics

  • Forestry, forest monitoring

    Tibi, Alicante

For us, safety is always the top priority. We never undertake any assignment that could breach aviation law or pose a risk to health or property. For flights in controlled zones, appropriate permits are required, necessitating flight permission applications to be submitted at least 5 days before the planned operation.

The market has many amateurs without authorization for flights, especially in controlled areas. Engaging in unauthorized overnight flying is not only a regulatory violation but also carries risks of heavy fines and imprisonment for up to 5 years.

Our work involves professional, high-quality equipment, ensuring exceptional results through expert editing. We offer our services to a wide range of clients, including large and small businesses, institutions, and individuals, specifically in the Alicante area.