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Interactive spherical video

Interactive Spherical Videos 360°

Tired of static spherical photos? Bring them to life and immerse your viewers in the action with 360° videos.

VR video production is a current trend, offering a powerful and immersive experience. Our 360-degree photos and videos allow viewers to observe panoramas from the broadest angles. We use the latest technology and high-end equipment to produce top-quality promotional materials, including the option of 360-degree live broadcasting, a popular method in live internet broadcasting.

What are 360° videos?

Spherical films are captured using a multi-lens camera, creating a complete spherical video recording. With the ability to rotate the view in any direction, viewers experience unprecedented freedom, choosing what to see and when, without pausing the video.

How does it work?

Our compact multi-lens camera head captures real-time full-sphere (360×160°) videos. Viewers can freely change their perspective – looking sideways, backwards, upwards, and downwards – without interrupting the ongoing action.

The spherical camera is versatile in adapting to creative ideas, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be attached to various vehicles and environmental elements, from tripods and backpacks to skis, bicycles, cars, planes, ceilings, columns, and more. It thrives on challenges and experiments, capturing every detail around it without missing a beat.